Januari 2019 - Uitgevoerd WordPress onderhoud

Wij hebben weer het nodige onderhoud uitgevoerd en alle plugins geüpdatet op jouw WordPress website(s).

Belangrijke mededeling: Ondanks dat deze noodzakelijke werkzaamheden met de grootste zorg worden uitgevoerd is er een verhoogd risico dat er een conflict op de website ontstaat. Controleer regelmatig jouw website(s) en de daaraan gekoppelde webformulieren op hun werking door een test uit te voeren.

Uitgevoerde updates

Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual v1.0 to v1.0.2 — Reason: Fixed checking if ACF is active. Fixed fatal error when ACF plugin disabled.

Advanced Custom Fields: Font Awesome v2.1.2 to v3.0.2 — Reason: Fixed bug causing PHP warning of undefined constant.

AMP Custom Post Type v1.5.1 to v1.6 — Reason: Bugfixes.

Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall v4.17.69 to v4.18.52 — Reason: Added a whole new DB Scan category that looks for links and scripts injected directly into the database content and removes them. Updated Firewall landing page for HTTPS compatibility. Removed some old code that was no longer needed.

Black Studio TinyMCE Widget v2.6.4 to v2.6.5 — Reason: Fixed missing dashicons issue (compatibility with WP 5 Block editor and Page Builder by SiteOrigin).

Duplicate Page v3.1 to v3.2 — Reason: Gutenberg Compatible.

Duplicate Page and Post v2.3 to v2.4.1 — Reason: Bugfixes.

Easy FancyBox v1.8.10 to v1.8.11 — Reason: Fix Vimeo player direct links breaking.

GDPR Cookie Consent v1.7.2 to v1.7.3 — Reason: Translation updated – Danish, French, German. Readme updates. Minor UI changes.

Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights v7.3.2 to v7.3.3 — Reason: Tweak: Adjusted authentication compatibility checks to allow for more accurate checking. Fixed: Issue where the save button might not appear for the network settings panel. Fixed: Added compatibility shims for a couple plugins.

GP Limit Choices v1.6.24 to v1.6.27 — Reason: Fixed issue where disabling choices (rather than removing) was not working as expected since version 1.6.26.

Gravity Forms v2.4.3 to v2.4.5 — Reason: Added security enhancements. Added support for using a cssClass property with the array returned by the gform_review_page filter to apply custom classes to the page div element. Fixed a PHP 7.3 warning on the entry detail page.

Import Eventbrite Events v1.5.3 to v1.5.4 — Reason: FIXED: featured image import issue occurred for some events. Support for WP 5.0

iThemes Sync v2.0.12 to v2.0.13 — Reason: Enhancement: Add check for Yoast SEO Premium plugin for Yoast SEO functionality.

MailChimp for WordPress v4.3.2 to v4.3.3 — Reason: Fixes. Update WPForms integration to properly detect if the WPForms plugin is activated. Improvements. Write API request parameters to the debug log in case of connection timeouts.

MailOptin v2.1.1 to v2.2.2 — Reason: Removed unused file. Remove lite upgrade in compliance with WP.org rule. Sendinblue optin fix when automation is active.

My Eyes Are Up Here v1.1.9 to v1.1.10 — Reason: Update “tested up to” value.

Ninja Forms v3.3.20 to v3.3.21 — Reason: Patched a blind SQL injection vulnerability in the search filter on our submissions page.

Page scroll to id v1.6.3 to v1.6.4 — Reason: Fixed a minor bug affecting the “Prevent other scripts from handling plugin’s links” option.

Pinterest Pin It Button On Image Hover And After Post v2.1.1 to v2.2.2 — Reason: Bug Fix Option Panel ( Excluding function ) - Update back-end panel css issue fixed.

Pronamic Pay v5.5.1 to v5.5.2 — Reason: Updated WordPress pay OmniKassa 2.0 library from 2.1.2 to version 2.1.3. Improved error handling.

Quttera Web Malware Scanner v3.2.1.21 to v3.2.1.27 — Reason: Fixed presentation of investigation report. Added new SEO/malware/ransomware detections.

Regenerate Thumbnails v3.0.2 to v3.1.0 — Reason: Bring back the ability to delete old, unregistered thumbnail sizes. Support for updating post contents is still disabled (too buggy). Various code improvements including string localization disambiguation.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer v4.12.3 to v4.12.5 — Reason: change the JS name in order to circumveit cache problem on many WP installs. Sorting the Media Library entries by ShortPixel optimization: also sort based on compression level.

Simple Share Buttons Adder v7.4.18 to v7.5.19 — Reason: Fix: double class issue. Add: remove gloogle plus from button options.

SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle v1.13.4 to v1.14.1 — Reason: Icon field: Set correct value of currently selected icon for non-FA icons. Icon field: Avoid requiring that third party icon families include a filter.php file. Use JS array reduce function instead of lodash.

UpdraftPlus - Backup/Restore v2.15.7 to v2.16.2 — Reason: Added the abilty to create and restore Incremental Backups (Premium version). FIX: Work around an issue with ‘SSH2 Server Host Key Algorithm Mismatch’ occurring with the current phpseclib release by temporarily reverting to an earlier one.

User Role Editor v4.47 to v4.48 — Reason: Update: Multisite: Sites list is not requested from the database on every page opened in order to reduce server load. Update: URE plugin version update routine is called now at the wp-admin backend only.

WooCommerce v3.5.2 to v3.5.3 — Reason: Fix orders list in the admin after a change introduced in WordPress 5.0.2.

WP Email Users v1.6.3 to v1.6.5 — Reason: New : Tracking Image enable/disable. Fix : Autoresponder mail issue. Add Custom Users Role.

WP Fastest Cache v0.8.8.8 to v0.8.8.9 — Reason: to fix url with replacing cdn-url on data-product_variations attribute to increase browser cache time from 3 months to 4 months to fix bug on language dropdown to increase the value of Cloudflare Browser Cache Expiration to 6 months to exclude Twitterbot user-agent.

WP File Manager v3.7 to v3.9 — Reason: Http API fixes.

WP Store Locator v2.2.19 to v2.2.20 — Reason: New: Added an option to the permalinks section to optionally remove the front base ( for example /blog/ ) from the store locator permalinks. New: Added an option to the search section to force the Google Geocode API to assume the search input is a zip code.

WPBakery Page Builder v5.5.4 to v5.6 — Reason: Compatibility with Wordpress 5.0.

WPML Multilingual CMS v4.1.2 to v4.1.3 — Reason: Fixed an issue with Standard Admin Notices not being converted on Block Editor page when no WPML Admin Notices is being displayed.Fixed an issue with ARMember plugin and WP 5.0 while accessing the wp admin panel. Fixed a console error with Disable Gutenberg plugin. Fixed an error when Admin notices aren't shown in Block Editor when using the Classic Editor plugin.

WPS Hide Login v1.5.1 to v1.5.2 — Reason: Fix : Notice: Undefined index: query.

Yoast SEO v9.3.0 to v9.4.0 — Reason: Improve accessibility of the analysis results. Improve accessibility of the Title Separator setting. Adds a new filter for adjacent-rel links.

Zoho CRM Lead Magnet v1.6.1 to v1.6.2 — Reason: Added: Contact form relation issue fixed. 1.3.1 Responsive issue fixed 1.3.2 Added jquery ui css file 1.3.4 Contact form hidden field issue fixed 1.3.5 jquery ui css file missing issue fixed 1.3.6.