Januari 2021 - Uitgevoerde WordPress updates

Wij hebben weer de nodige werkzaamheden uitgevoerd en alle plugins geüpdatet op jouw WordPress website(s).

Ondanks dat deze noodzakelijke werkzaamheden met de grootste zorg worden uitgevoerd is er een verhoogd risico dat er een conflict op de website ontstaat. Controleer regelmatig jouw website(s) en de daaraan gekoppelde webformulieren op hun werking door een test uit te voeren.

Uitgevoerde updates

Accelerated Mobile Pages v1.0.71 to v1.0.75 — Reason: Fixed: Imgur embed code not working in AMP. Srcset not loading in category module of AMP page builder. Advertising section displaying blank when AdsforWP plugin is active. AMP Page Builder not working on the pages and posts except the homepage. Swift 2nd header menu aligned towards right with polylang plugin. Post Pagination not working after 1.0.69 version. Debug warnings.

ACF Content Analysis for Yoast SEO v2.6 to v3.0.1 — Reason: Fixes a bug where ACF Analysis would fail on term pages when using WordPress 5.6.

ActiveCampaign v8.1.1 to v8.1.4 — Reason: Rolling back settings page form/css deprecations. We have improved testing workflows moving forward. Hotfix for Default CSS option deprecation. Moving from global assignment to block/shortcode assignment. Allowing fallback for existing blocks without CSS setting.

AddToAny Share Buttons v1.7.42 to v1.7.43 — Reason: Update the vertical floating bar’s “Attach to content” option to check whether content exists before attaching.

Admin Menu Editor v1.9.7 to v1.9.8 — Reason: Fixed a conflict that caused some hidden Simple Calendars menu items to show up when Admin Menu Editor was activated. Fixed a bug where menu items that had special characters like “&” and “/” in the slug could stop working if they were moved to a different submenu or to the top level.

Advanced Custom Fields v5.9.3 to v5.9.4 — Reason: Enhancement – Added PHP validation for the Email field (previously relied solely on browser validation). Fix – Added support for PHP 8.0 (fixed logged warnings). Fix – Added support for jQuery 3.5 (fixed logged warnings). Fix – Fixed bug causing WYSIWYG field to appear unresponsive within the Gutenberg editor. Fix – Fixed regression preventing “blog_%d” and “site_%d” as valid $post_id values for custom Taxonomy terms. Fix – Fixed bug causing Radio field label to select first choice. Fix – Fixed bug preventing preloading blocks that contain multiple parent DOM elements. i18n – Updated Japanese translation thanks to Ryo Takahashi. i18n – Updated Portuguese translation thanks to Pedro Mendonça.

Advanced Editor Tools v5.5.1 to v5.6.0 — Reason: Updated for WordPress 5.6 and TinyMCE 4.9.11.

Advanced iFrame v2020.9 to v2020.10 — Reason: New: Tested with WordPress 5.6.

Akismet Anti-Spam v4.1.7 to v4.1.8 — Reason: Fixed missing fields in submit-spam and submit-ham calls that could lead to reduced accuracy. Fixed usage of deprecated jQuery function.

AMP v2.0.8 to v2.0.10 — Reason: Bugfixes.

Autoptimize v2.8.0 to v2.8.1 — Reason: Images: new option not to lazyload first X images fix for “array to string” conversion errors in image optimization logic of .ico files switch jQuery shorthand .click (in toolbar JS & PaND dismiss notice JS) to please jQuery Migrate helper (and because it’s better that way).

Better Search Replace v1.3.3 to v1.3.4 — Reason: Improvement: WordPress 5.6 and PHP 8 compatible. Fix: Strings that have been serialized twice showing up as false-positives.

Breadcrumb NavXT v6.5.0 to v6.6.0 — Reason: Behavior change: Moved to using the post type of the parent post for the type archive rather than that of the current item. Bug fix: Fixed error thrown when a site does not have an administrator role.

Cloudflare v3.8.7 to v3.8.9 — Reason: Revert Add pagination purging. Add pagination purging.

Contact Form 7 v5.3.1 to v5.3.2 — Reason: Removes control, separator, and other types of special characters from filename to fix the unrestricted file upload vulnerability issue. Akismet: Sets ISO 8601 date/time format for the comment_date_gmt parameter.

Contact Form CFDB7 v1.2.5.3 to v1.2.5.8 — Reason: This is a security and maintenance release and we strongly encourage you to update to it immediately. Input sanitization.

Custom Post Type Permalinks v3.4.3 to v3.4.4 — Reason: WPML support: Only apply slug translation if post type is supported. Fix archive link bug fix.

Custom Post Type UI v1.8.1 to v1.8.2 — Reason: Fixed: Addressed some missing available labels for taxonomies. Updated: Provide page slug and link to page if a post type slug is matching an existing page. Updated: Support link was pointed to legacy WordPress Codex but had been moved to Developer Portal.

Disqus for WordPress v3.0.17 to v3.0.19 — Reason: Fixed issue with missing admin bundles. Tested plugin with WordPress 5.6 and updated documentation. Fixed count.js script being loaded on unnecessary pages. Fixed comments showing sync date instead of creation date in WordPress admin.

Duplicate Post Page Menu & Custom Post Type v1.5.1 to v1.6.0 — Reason: Improved: Fixed JS conflicts with some old themes. Optimized: Ready for WordPress 5.7 (Future version) final jQuery migration.

Enable jQuery Migrate Helper v1.2.0 to v1.3.0 — Reason: Added legacy jQuery UI to be loaded if legacy jQuery is in use. Added mention of site URLs in automatic emails. Added option to enable/disable automatic downgrades. Added logic to ensure only one downgrade request is sent per page load. Updated logic around automatic downgrades for improved performance. Fixed core deprecation notices being incorrectly labeled as undetermined inline ones.

Entry Automation for Gravity Forms v2.0.6 to v2.0.7 — Reason: Bugfixes.

Event Organiser v3.10.2 to v3.10.4 — Reason: bugfix: Fixed week/day calendar views broken in WP 5.6, bugfix: Fixed some jquery-migrate deprecation notices.

FooEvents for WooCommerce v1.12.7 to v1.12.14 — Reason: Bugfixes.

FooEvents PDF Tickets v1.8.3 to v1.8.5 — Reason: Bugfixes.

GDPR Cookie Consent v1.9.4 to v1.9.5 — Reason: Tested ok with WordPress version 5.6.

GF Mollie by Indigo v1.11.1 to v1.11.2 — Reason: Added serveral filters to allow special use cases, updated plugin readme. Fixed merge tag visibility bug. Changed version number.

Google Ads & Marketing by Kliken v1.0.6 to v1.0.7 — Reason: Minor bug fixes.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP) v6.3.3 to v6.5.1 — Reason: Fix: We made an adjustment to fix an issue with the cross-domain tracking for the gtag.js tracking option. New: We added support for Google’s global site tag (gtag.js) with a seamless upgrade experience for all your existing events or integrations with analytics.js. Upgrading to this version will give you the option to manually opt-in to gtag.js that will become the standard tracking code in a future version. Fix: We added an extra check to prevent a potential error on older PHP versions from our Popular Posts feature.

Google Map for Contact Form 7 v1.7.3 to v1.8.0 — Reason: fixed jquery 3 issues with search bar, added filter ‘cf7_google_map_initialise_on_document_ready’, enable event-based control of map initialisation for popup forms.

GP Nested Forms v1.0-beta-8.76 to v1.0-beta-9.6 — Reason: Fixed an integration issue with Gravity Forms Date Dropper Field plugin. Fixed an issue where Chained Selects fields may not export properly. Fixed regression where interactive elements of child forms such as Enhanced UI for Select fields or Live Merge Tags from Populate Anything would not work correctly. Fixed issue where Nested Forms calculations would not work properly in some cases on multi-page forms.

Gravity Forms v2.4.20 to v2.4.22 — Reason: Bugfixes.

Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types v3.1.15 to v3.1.16 — Reason: Fixed issue when exporting taxonomy-and-post-type-populated Checkbox fields. Updated how scripts are enqueued. Tested with 5.5.1.

Gravity Forms Entries in Excel v1.8.7 to v1.8.8 — Reason: Enhancement: Better support for checkbox fields. Bugfix: Product quantity was set to 1 by default if the value was empty.

Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On v4.6 to v4.7 — Reason: Fixed user permissions so users with the promote_users capability can now view the Pending Activations screen. Fixed an issue where script tags were being output above document head element. Fixed styling issues on the Pending Activations screen in Gravity Forms 2.5. Fixed an issue where both success and error message where displayed when activating a user from the Pending Activations screen. Fixed a typo in the tooltip for the Password setting on the feed configuration page. Fixed an issue where MySQL throws an error on Entry Detail and Pending Activations screens. Fixed an issue where the login form does not display non-standard authentication errors. Fixed a fatal error which occurs on form population if the Consent field is mapped on the Update feed and the entry which last updated or created the user has been deleted.

Hireserve ATS jobs integration v1.6.1 to v1.6.3 — Reason: Bugfixes.

HREFLANG Tags Lite v1.9.8 to v1.9.9 — Reason: Improvement Blocks the loading of our js and css files unless logged in and in Dashboard. Fully supports PHP 7.3+. Announcement of new Facebook group and page.

HubSpot All-In-One Marketing - Forms, Popups, Live Chat v7.48.46 to v7.50.64 — Reason: Fix the builder for the signup URLs.

Intuitive Custom Post Order v3.1.2 to v3.1.2.1 — Reason: Update the WordPress version this plugin was tested.

Jetpack by WordPress.com v9.2.1 to v9.3.1 — Reason: Bug fixes. Multisite: avoid Fatals on sites using the WPMUDEV domain mapping plugin. SEO Tools: prevent a PHP notice in some situations involving taxonomy or author pages.

LayerSlider WP v6.11.2 to v6.11.4 — Reason: Bugfixes.

LiteSpeed Cache v3.5.2 to v3.6.1 — Reason: WP Tested up to WP v5.6. WebP Reverted WebP support on Safari Big Sur and Safari v14.0.1+ due to an inability to detect MacOS versions from UA. CDN Dropped the option Load JQuery Remotely. CDN Fixed CDN URL replacement issue in optimized CSS files. CDN Fixed an issue where CDN CLI wouldn’t set mapping image/CSS/JS to OFF when false was the value. CDN Started using React for CDN Mapping settings. GUI Secured Server IP setting from potential XSS issues. Toolbox Supported both dev and master branches for Beta Test. Latest version updated to v3.6.1. Purge Purge Pages now can purge non-archive pages too. Admin Simplified the admin JS. Admin Limited crawler-related react JS to crawler page only.

Loco Translate v2.4.6 to v2.5.0 — Reason: PHP 8.0.0 compatibility. Bumped WordPress version to 5.6.0. Added JSON translation file generation. Added custom JSON loading to LoadHelper. Disabled emoji image replacement on our admin screens.

MainWP Child v4.1.3.1 to v4.1.4 — Reason: Updated: Compatibility with the latest WP Staging plugin version. Updated: Compatibility with the latest WP Time Capsule plugin version. Updated: Multiple DocBlock comments. Preventative: Multiple security improvements.

MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress v4.8.1 to v4.8.3 — Reason: Fix fatal error on older PHP versions when submitting form without any subscriber tags set in the form settings. Minor performance improvement in bootstrap method of the plugin.

Media Library Folders for WordPress v6.0.5 to v6.1.0 — Reason: Removed depreciated jquery-ui library files that was conflicting with current version of jquery.

Mesmerize Companion v1.6.117 to v1.6.120 — Reason: Bugfixes.

NextGEN Gallery v3.4.7 to v3.5.0 — Reason: Changed: Deprecated legacy template functionality. Changed: Deprecated built-in custom style / CSS mechanism. Fixed: Misc updates for PHP 8.0 compatibility.

Ninja Forms v3.4.33 to v3.4.34 — Reason: Bugs: Forms should once again load properly in Internet Explorer 11. Single checkbox fields should now properly display their values in the submission table. Updated our dashboard styling to resolve an issue where some translations were resulting in action buttons being obscured. Restored drag and drop functionality for adding fields in the form builder.

Official Facebook Pixel v2.2.2 to v3.0.0 — Reason: Adding Facebook Business Extension based configuration. Renaming to Facebook for WordPress.

Permalink Manager Lite v2.2.9.2 to v2.2.9.4 — Reason: Fix – The language prefix for default language is now added again when “Use directory for default language” mode is turned on in WPML settings (“Language URL format”).

PixelYourSite v7.2.1.1 to v8.0.1 — Reason: Fixing a mismatch with version numbers. This is a major update. Please visit this page for more info about what’s new with V8. New section showing how many active events you have. A new set of common parameters added to all events from all installed tags. You can find a list of the common parameters on the plugin’s main page. A new Signal event that replaces most Global Events. You can find its settings on the plugin’s main page. We removed the GeneralEvent. If you have audiences or conversions based on it, you need to replace them. It’s a good idea to use the default Page View event instead. All events fired automatically (Signal, Search, WooCommerce events, Easy Digital Download events) have a new ON/OFF button visible before you open the event’s settings. We turned off some of the less popular WooCommerce and EDD events. You can turn them back on if you need to. Update for Facebook API. Update for some mandatory CAPI events parameters. Fix: issue with Oxygen builder. Fix: Uncaught Error: Class ‘PYS_PRO_GLOBAL Other small code changes.

Platinum SEO Pack v2.2.5 to v2.3.2 — Reason: Bulk Editor now lets you add JSON Schema to all Post types in bulk. Made the Bulk Editor to retrieve only Builtin and Custom Post Types. Made similar changes to Redirections module.

Poptin v1.2 to v1.2.1 — Reason: JQuery minor UI issues fixed.

Popup Maker v1.13.1 to v1.15.0 — Reason: Feature: Automatically enqueue popups when detected during page load Issue 543. Improvement: Improvements to ‘Extend’ page Issue 913. Improvement: Start working toward more consistent linking/documentation strategy. Fix: Popup defaults() method only returns default values for checkbox fields Issue 927. Fix: PUM_Telemetry triggers PHP warnings in (CLI) cron Issue 919. Fix: pum-admin-bar Script Fails to Load. Fix: JS error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘popups’ of undefined Issue 635. Fix: Undefined SCSS variable causing errors in building block components.

Really Simple SSL v4.0.5 to v4.0.7 — Reason: Fix: catch not set certificate info in case of empty array when no certificate is available. Fix: minor CSS fixes.

Redirection for Contact Form 7 v2.3.0 to v2.3.3 — Reason: Fixed undefined $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’] on CLI calls. Added columns on actions list (debug mode). Added compatibility for Contact Form 7 Redirection Pro migrations. Fixed extensions download process. Moved Mailchimp dependencies to Mailchimp action.

Relevanssi v4.10.1 to v4.10.2 — Reason: New feature: You can force Relevanssi to be active by setting the query variable relevanssi to true. Thanks to Jan Willem Oostendorp. Changed behaviour: Relevanssi has been moved from the_posts filter to posts_pre_query. This change doesn’t do much, but increases performance slightly as WordPress needs to do less useless work, as now the default query is no longer run. Thanks to Jan Willem Oostendorp. Minor fix: Highlighting didn’t work properly when highlighting something immediately following a HTML tag. Minor fix: You can no longer set the value of minimum word length to less than 1 or higher than 9 from the settings page. Minor fix: Importing options broke synonym and stopword settings. Minor fix: Improves the Rank Math SEO compatibility to avoid errors in plugin activation. Minor fix: WPML search results that included non-post results caused fatal errors and crashes. This fixes the crashing and makes non-post results work better in both WPML and Polylang.

Search & Filter v1.2.12 to v1.2.13 — Reason: Fix – a PHP warning when using Beaver Builder. Fixed – some PHP warnings when using radio, checkbox and multiselects, Fixed – a typo (thanks sunjunkie). Tested with WP 5.3.

Search Console v2.2.3 to v2.2.5 — Reason: A dependency was not scoped correctly. A dependency was not scoped correctly.

Simple Custom Post Order v2.5.2 to v2.5.3 — Reason: Modified deprecated jQuery functions. Modified deprecated JQuery function to improve compatibility with WordPress 5.5. Fixed an issue where posts would be in reverse order after resetting the order.

Simple Share Buttons Adder v8.1.1 to v8.1.2 — Reason: Fix: remove page title error.

Simple Sitemap v3.5 to v3.5.1 — Reason: Improved sitemap block rendering (using new ServerSideRender component).

Site Offline v1.4.3 to v1.4.5 — Reason: updated to bootstrap v4.3.1.

SiteOrigin CSS v1.2.11 to v1.2.12 — Reason: Developer: jQuery updates for WordPress 5.6. Fixed Background image setting writing to CSS.

Smash Balloon Custom Facebook Feed v2.17.1 to v2.18.2 — Reason: Tweak: Now displays a notice to logged-in admins which lets you know if the Like Box or header cover photo is being intentionally hidden due to the GDPR setting. Fix: Fixed an error which occurred when deleting the plugin.

Sucuri Security - Auditing, Malware Scanner and Hardening v1.8.24 to v1.8.25 — Reason: Fix notice about MONTH_IN_SECONDS in WP < 4.4. Update reset password workflow.

Thrive Leads v2.3.6 to v2.3.7.2 — Reason: Bugfixes.

Tracking Code Manager v1.12.3 to v2.0.0 — Reason: Tested with WP 5.6 Plugin updated and supported. Branding Update Only.

Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder v3.16.24 to v3.19.8 — Reason: Bugfixes.

User Role Editor v4.57.1 to v4.58.2 — Reason: Fix: Additional options turned ON for a role was not saved during role update. Update: All JavaScript files are loaded with URE plugin version number as a query string for cache busting purpose.

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce v1.1.5 to v1.1.6 — Reason: Update: Extended note on Performance Section. Update: Remove wp_ajax_wvs_get_available_variations hook.

VWE-voorraadlijst v2.1.0 to v2.1.2 — Reason: Compatibility test Fix.

WooCommerce v4.9.1 to v4.9.2 — Reason: Bugfixes.

WordPress Users & WooCommerce Customers Import Export v2.0.5 to v2.0.6 — Reason: Content update.Version 2.0.0 onward has been revamped majorly.

WP All Import v3.3.0 to v3.3.1 — Reason: Bugfixes.

WP Crontrol v1.8.5 to v1.9.0 — Reason: Bugfixes.

WP Engine Automated Migration v4.35 to v4.54 — Reason: Upgrading to new UI. Added Support for Multi Table Callbacks.

WP GDPR Compliance v1.5.4 to v1.5.5 — Reason: Resolve deprecation notice for wp_make_content_images_responsive() since WordPress 5.5.0.

WP OAuth Server v4.1.5 to v4.1.7 — Reason: Updated S256 code challenge method logic Fixed issue with headers during initial activation by moving db update to admin_init hook after any activation.

WP Rocket v3.7.1.1 to v3.8.3 — Reason: Bugfixes.

WP Store Locator v2.2.233 to v2.2.234 — Reason: Fixed: PHP 8 Compatiblity. Fixed: Polylang Compatiblity.

WPBakery Page Builder v6.4.2 to v6.5.0 — Reason: Bugfixes.

WPForms Lite v1.6.3.1 to v1.6.4.1 — Reason: Added: Frontend form warning indicating missing WPForms JS (visible to admin only). Changed: Help hCaptcha process all requests in a more efficient way, so bot detection will work better. Fixed: Improve pagination on Tools > Logs page inside the plugin admin area. Fixed: Various JavaScript issues on create post/page/form pages in WordPress 5.6. Fixed: Edge cases when custom fields mapping for providers was broken.

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter v3.11.6 to v3.11.7 — Reason: Fix: non-standard hook.

Yoast SEO v15.6 to v15.7 — Reason: Fixes a bug where empty author archive pages would be indexed when the author had published a custom post-type that was not shown on his/her author archive page. Props to stodorovic. Changes the wording on the my.yoast.com connect error shown in Health Check when a Yoast premium plugin is enabled, to lead with what the user’s problem is. Removes the release notification as the added benefit of having it is minimal. Fixes a bug where notifications in the notification center would not be dismissible on sites using FastCGI.

Zoho CRM Lead Magnet v1.7.2.0 to v1.7.2.4 — Reason: Added: Contact form relation issue fixed. Added jquery ui css file.