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Augustus 2019 - Uitgevoerd WordPress onderhoud

Wij hebben weer het nodige onderhoud uitgevoerd en alle plugins geüpdatet op jouw WordPress website(s).

Belangrijke mededeling: Ondanks dat deze noodzakelijke werkzaamheden met de grootste zorg worden uitgevoerd is er een verhoogd risico dat er een conflict op de website ontstaat. Controleer regelmatig jouw website(s) en de daaraan gekoppelde webformulieren op hun werking door een test uit te voeren.

Uitgevoerde updates

Accelerated Mobile Pages v0.9.97.63 to v0.9.98.3 — Reason: Fixed: Search bar is messed up after 3425 and 3000.  Lightbox effect not working with “Tablepress” when “Link To” option is selected in Attachment display settings. Fatal error Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function ampforwp_is_non_amp(). Ol and li design issue in swift theme on RTL mode. OpenGraph Support in AMP.

Advanced Custom Fields v5.8.1 to v5.8.2 — Reason: Fix – Fixed bug where validation did not prevent new user registration. Fixed bug causing some “reordered” metaboxes to not appear in the Gutenberg editor. Fixed bug causing WYSIWYG field with delayed initialization to appear blank. Fixed bug when editing a post and adding a new tag did not refresh metaboxes. Added missing $value parameter in “acf/pre_format_value” filter.

Advanced Custom Fields: Font Awesome v3.0.2 to v3.1.1 — Reason: Fixed bug where Duotone icons were not available to existing users of this plugin due to cached versions of the icons from before this plugin could properly parse the duotone icons.

All-in-One WP Migration v6.97 to v7.4 — Reason: Fixed: Small bug when reporting an issue. Use a nonce when checking for updates. Changed: Remove “www” from emails on import. Wrap size_format in a function to handle corner cases.

Anti-Spam by CleanTalk v5.122 to v5.123 — Reason: Fix: Plenty of minor fixes. Fix: wpDiscuz integration. Fix: Integration with bbPress. Fix: New comment email notification. New: Follow-Up Emails integration. Fix: Woocommerce integration. Fix: Spelling.

Contact Form 7 v5.1.3 to v5.1.4 — Reason: reCAPTCHA: introduces the WPCF7_RECAPTCHA_SITEKEY and WPCF7_RECAPTCHA_SECRET constants. reCAPTCHA: Introduces the wpcf7_recaptcha_sitekey and wpcf7_recaptcha_secret filter hooks. Adds $status parameter to the wpcf7_form_response_output filter. Creates a nonce only when the submitter is a logged-in user. Introduces WPCF7_ContactForm::unit_tag(), a public method that returns a unit tag. reCAPTCHA: gives a different spam log message for cases where the response token is empty. Acceptance Checkbox: supports the label_first option in an acceptance form-tag.

Contact Form 7 Redirection v1.3.2 to v1.3.3 — Reason: Fixed a bug: URL query parameters are now properly decoded.

Contact Form CFDB7 v1.2.4.6 to v1.2.4.7 — Reason: Fixed minor bugs. Add action hooks. Add filter hooks. Multisite support. Fixed Sorting bugs.

Disable Comments v1.10.0 to v1.10.2 — Reason: Disable “recent comments” Gutenberg block. Fix compatibility with WordPress 5.0 and above. Remove deprecated “persistent mode” feature.

Drift v1.8.4 to v3.0.1 — Reason: Major update: restructuring the code, the plugin is now PHP-Class Oriented. New feature: the live chat can be now showed in certain pages. New feature: Drift JavaScript can be now loaded in header or footer. New feature: jQuery inputs enable/disable added in settings page. Internationalization the plugin and Romanian language added. WordPress Coding Standards has been applied. Other minor code optimizations have been applied.

Duplicate Page v3.5 to v3.8 — Reason: Fixed compatibility issues with GT3 editor. Fixed compatibility issues with other editors. Security fixes addressed by wordpress.

Elementor v2.6.1 to v2.6.7 — Reason: Tweak: Run .htaccess inspection only when needed. UI glitches in select2 control. Tweak: get_style_depends styles are now loaded in editor preview. Fix: Avoid false-positive editor loading error. Disable browser suggestions on panel elements search input. Contributor role can view other contributors draft and pending posts when Elementor is installed. Save changed before previewing a revision.

Enhanced Media Library PRO v2.6.4 to v2.7.2 — Reason: Compatibiliteit met Smush (WP Smushlt) plugin gewaarborgd. Betere werkflow voor het bewaren van categorieën in enkel artikel of bulk bewerking: alles wordt standaard “on the fly” bewaard (Bewaar knop is nu optioneel). Betere layout voor de Media Library [gallery] en [playlist] shortcodes verwerken nu media category slugs, niet alleen IDs. Multisite “Unify Media Settings via Network” optie toegevoegd.

Feed Them Social v2.6.9 to v2.7.2 — Reason: ADD: Twitter Error messages only show for Logged in Admins now. FIX: Twitter Access Tokens Error message and check. Twitter Access Tokens now save on Option Page in the admin automatically when returned from Twitter Authorization page instead of having to click the “Save” button after return. This prevents confusion with Access token check. ADD: Message to Twitter options if no token is set. FIX: date_default_timezone_set to be set and not change other plugins set time.

GDPR Cookie Consent v1.7.7 to v1.7.8 — Reason: Fixed issues with translations [user_consent_state] added missing space in user consent states. Fixed issues with web accessibility. Introduced new cookie settings popup option. Added a shortcode [cookie_settings] to control settings.

Google Map for Contact Form 7 v1.4.1 to v1.4.2 — Reason: enable loading map coordinates in saved draft forms. map inputs not cleared when draft form saved using Post My CF7 Form plugin. bug fix saving map details using Post My CF7 Form plugin.

Google Tag Manager for Wordpress v1.9.2 to v1.10 — Reason: Added: Automatically add the noscript part of the container code after the opening body tag for WordPress 5.2+ sites where themes support the new wp_body_open action. Added: add associated taxonomy values for post type. Added: select brand taxonomy for WooCommerce products to populate “Product brand” dimension in enhanced ecommerce. Added: add cart content into data layer so that you can personalize your site experience using Google Optimize. Added: option to remove shipping costs from revenue data on order received page of WooCommerce.

Gravity Forms v2.4.10 to v2.4.11 — Reason: Added security enhancements. Added accessibility enhancements. Updated the minimum version of WordPress required for support to 5.1. Updated the system report to include timezone details. Updated new Drop Down type Quantity fields to default to numeric choices. Updated the Website type field input markup, removing the unused maxLength attribute. Updated the Single Line Text field to validate the value length during submission when the maxLength property is configured. Fixed an issue where special characters (e.g. accented characters) in List and Multi-Select fields are ignored when searching for entries. Fixed form scripts not enqueueing when Form block is nested. Fixed an issue where the use of GLOB_BRACE during the daily cron task can cause PHP errors in non-GNU operating systems. Fixed an issue with conditional notification routing when checking if a field value ends with a 0 due to it being treated as an empty string rather than an integer. Fixed the legacy table access PHP notices being displayed when deleting a site on multi-site installations.

Gravity Forms Facebook Pixel Tracking v1.0.2 to v1.0.3 — Reason: Updates to assets.

Gravity Forms Signature Add-On v3.6 to v3.8 — Reason: Added a check to GFSignature::display_signature() to only use mime_content_type() if the signature image file is local. Added security enhancements. Added the gform_signature_delete_file_pre_delete_entry filter to disable deletion of the signature file or trigger deletion at a later time.

HREFLANG Tags Lite v1.7.7 to v1.7.8 — Reason: Bug fix Fixes an issue where tags were being deleted by a few Page Builder plugins. Enhancement Added sv-FI Swedish (Finland) Added es-US Spanish (USA) Added th-TH Thai (Thailand) Added es-EC Spanish (Ecuador) Added es-PY Spanish (Paraguay) Added es-PA Spanish (Panama) Added en-GI English (Gilbraltar) Added es-UY Spanish (Uruguay) Added es-NI Spanish (Nicaragua) Added es-PR Spanish (Puerto Rico).

Jetpack by WordPress.com v7.5.2 to v7.5.3 — Reason: Bug fixes. General: Fixes plugin activation/deactivation hooks that were accidentally disabled. Fixes fatal errors that were possible when using pre-7.5 Jetpack internal API.

Leaflet Map v2.14.0 to v2.15.0 — Reason: Updates rawgit URL’s to use jsdelivr, unpkg, and githubusercontent.com. Change logo to use FontAwesome SVG. Adds referer to file_get_contents, in case curl is disabled. Updates default Leaflet to 1.5.1. Fixes reset default values button in settings. Requires at least WordPress 4.6. ToGeoJSON library URL is customizable.

Mailchimp for WordPress v4.5.2 to v4.5.3 — Reason: Fixes: Temporarily switch status of pending subscribers to “unsubscribe” versus deleting susbcriber before re-subscribing. Deprecation notice for Gravity Forms version 2.4 and higher. Improvements: Filter out empty tags when applying tags to new subscribers. Show all not installed integrations. Show notice when form doesn’t have a Mailchimp list selected to subscribe people to. Check function existence for compatibility with WordPress 4.7. Don’t submit form when Google reCAPTCHA is enabled but errors. Update third-party JavaScript dependencies.

MailOptin v1.2.17 to v1.2.18 — Reason: Added Hubspot integration. Fixed media uploader issue in newsletter creation UI. Added placeholder support for email subject. Fixed issue where sending of test newsletters email had the title skewed. Added disabling of new post notification in Gutenberg editor.

Media Cleaner v5.4.0 to v5.4.1 — Reason: Fix: Make sure the HTML is UTF8 encoded before analyzing it. Update: Removed affiliate links to BlogVault in the Readme as it seems to be against the WordPress guidelines. Add: Support for Uber, Easy Real Estate. Update: Admin CSS and texts. Fix: A rare but wrong call to the log() function was causing the plugin to fail. Clean the options. Now, the Content option replaces Posts/Meta/Widgets (they were useless in a way). Support for WP-CLI (have a look at the how-it-works.txt) in the Pro. Now, scanning can be 100x times faster. Option Live Site in the Pro.

Members v2.1.0 to v2.2.0 — Reason: Bugfixes.

Metronet Tag Manager v1.5.2 to v1.5.4 — Reason: Adding GTM dataLayer on search pages. Added Beaver Builder compatibility.

NextGEN Gallery v3.2.4 to v3.2.10 — Reason: Changed: Updated branding for Freemius opt-in. Fixed: IGW queries. NEW: Added support for the shortcode_atts_ngg filter. Importing images from a folder now works recursively.

One Click Demo Import v2.5.1 to v2.5.2 — Reason: Improved documentation and code sample. Added pt-ocdi/pre_download_import_files filter. Added two action hooks to plugin-page.php. Bumped Tested up to tag.

PixelYourSite v7.0.5 to v7.1.0 — Reason: This update ads support for our paid Microsoft (BING) UET Tag add-on. Fixing a potential problem with Pinterest PageVisit and Checkout events when the Facebook Pixel was deactivated.

Post Expirator v2.3.1.1 to v2.4.0.1 — Reason: Fixed PHP Error with PHP 7. Fixed PHP Error that snuck in on some installations. New: Email notification upon post expiration. A global email can be set, blog admins can be selected and/or specific users based on post type can be notified. New: Expiration Option Added – Stick/Unstick post is now available. New: Expiration Option Added – Trash post is now available. New: Added custom actions that can be hooked into when expiration events are scheduled / unscheduled.

Post My CF7 Form v4.0.4 to v4.0.5 — Reason: added helper for admin hook ‘cf7_2_post_register_post_{$post_type}’. fix a bug which prevents mapped titles from being saved when files are also mapped.

Quttera Web Malware Scanner v3.2.1.78 to v3.2.1.87 — Reason: Added new detection rules. Fixed presentation of investigation report. Added new SEO/malware/ransomware detections. Added admin user verification on internal scan.

Redirection v4.3.1 to v4.3.2 — Reason: Add support for UTF8 URLs without manual encoding. Add manual database install option. Add check for pipe character in target URL. Add warning when problems saving .htaccess file. Switch from ‘x-redirect-agent’ to ‘x-redirect-by’, for WP 5+. Improve handling of invalid query parameters. Fix query param name is a number. Fix redirect with blank target and auto target settings. Fix monitor trash option applying when deleting a draft. Fix case insensitivity not applying to query params. Disable IP grouping when IP option is disabled. Allow multisite database updates to run when more than 100 sites.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer v4.14.2 to v4.14.3 — Reason: Bugfixes.

Simple Share Buttons Adder v7.5.19 to v7.6.20 — Reason: Add: remove sharecount.com opions. Add: Add page omit by title options for all buttons. Fix: Flattr button. Fix: Email custom text. Fix: Twitter custom text. Fix: Verify 5+ compatibility with gutenberg.

Simple Sitemap v3.0 to v3.3 — Reason: NEW: Added details to plugin settings page about a recent update that included breaking changes. Fix: Page depth setting not saving. Fix: Plugin settings heading styles broken because of EDD license renewal nag notice.

Smush v3.2.1 to v3.2.2 — Reason: Fix: Preserve network settings after update. New: Bulk restore. New: Network access control settings. New: Lazy loading onboarding step. New: Lazy loading custom placeholders. New: Lazy loading custom spinners. New: CDN support for background images. Enhance: Lazy loading support for ACF. Enhance: Lazy loading page parser. Enhance: Do not allow enabling CDN for sites that are not registered on the Hub. Enhance: Bulk compressing images without proper meta data. Enhance: Do not lazy load images on AMP pages. Enhance: Translation strings. Enhance: UI in media library. Enhance: API calls. Fix: Plugin texts. Fix: PHP warning when Smush is not able to detect site language. Fix: Excluding frontpage post type from lazy loading. Fix: Missing icons in resize my full size images notice. Fix: Inability to resize full size images several times. Fix: Image count calculations during images re-check. Fix: Directory Smush on SiteGround, GoDaddy and Bluehost.

UpdraftPlus - Backup/Restore v2.16.15 to v2.16.16 — Reason: FEATURE: Added the ability to launch a blank WordPress clone. FEATURE: Add –collate= parameter to WP-CLI (Premium) to allow substitution of locally unknown collations when restoring. FIX: Switched to wp_insert_site() from insert_blog() and install_blog() method when importing single-site into a multisite network on WP 5.1+. Fixes ‘Already Installed’ error when importing on newer WP versions. FIX: Issue where (rare) foreign key constraints aren’t updated upon restore when table prefix changes. FIX: Improve parsing of backed-up triggers when restoring preventing possible unnecessary errors. FIX: If an upload to Google Drive starts to fail due to an OAuth token refresh error, the backup will re-bootstrap the Drive client and try again.

User Role Editor v4.51.1 to v4.51.2 — Reason: Fix: Dialog button labels inside User Role Editor (‘Cancel’ buttons especially) were shown with not correct translation or not translated at all. Thanks to @lucaboccianti for this bug report. Update: Roles inside WordPress roles dropdown lists are sorted by alphabet.

WP All Export v1.2.3 to v1.2.4 — Reason: improvement: add support for User Export Add-On. Better local timezone detection for Automatic Scheduling. More consistent “Add New Field” user interface. ACF repeater fields broken in ACF 5.7.10+. When using migrate posts, only the image fields are added to the import template.

WP All Import v3.5.0 to v3.5.1 — Reason: improvement: add support for importing WebP images, bug fix: images in content not being imported when creating new simple WooCommerce products.

WP Fastest Cache v0.8.9.5 to v0.8.9.6 — Reason: to clear post’s cache which contains query string if WPFC_CACHE_QUERYSTRING is defined refactoring of excluding system refactoring of getWpContentDir() to fix the homepage cache problem when WPML with different url is used to prevent directory traversal attack (discoverd by Imre Rad).

WP OAuth Server - Pro v3.7.3 to v3.8.1 — Reason: ADDED: Supported Grant Types to .well-known discovery. Revocation in .well-known discovery, scopes_supported in .well-known discovery. Introspection endpoint to .well-known discovery. Alias oauth-authorization-server to .well-known endpoints. Return 0 error when creating a client on some random machines. Added token support to a users profile so that users can generate a token without having a client. UPDATED: Move "Implicit" option to misc settings group. DEPRECATED: Global Grant Types.

WP Super Cache v1.6.8 to v1.6.9 — Reason: Bugfixes.

WPForms Lite v1.5.3.1 to v1.5.4.1 — Reason: Added: Email Summaries. Added: Form builder hotkey to save changes, CTRL/CMD + S. Changed: Team photo under WPForms > About Us. Fixed: Dynamic field population populates checkbox and radio fields values but not adding ‘wpforms-selected’ class to its containers. Fixed: Dropdown field attributes are now accessible with wpforms_field_properties filter. Fixed: Form builder field buttons overflowing when translated. Fixed: Dashboard widget PHP error. Fixed: Form can be submitted multiple times if “Submit button processing text” form setting empty. Fixed: “Error loading block” in Gutenberg if Additional CSS form settings are provided.

Yoast SEO v11.6 to v11.7 — Reason: Bugfixes.