Juni 2019 - Uitgevoerd WordPress onderhoud

Wij hebben weer het nodige onderhoud uitgevoerd en alle plugins geüpdatet op jouw WordPress website(s).

Belangrijke mededeling: Ondanks dat deze noodzakelijke werkzaamheden met de grootste zorg worden uitgevoerd is er een verhoogd risico dat er een conflict op de website ontstaat. Controleer regelmatig jouw website(s) en de daaraan gekoppelde webformulieren op hun werking door een test uit te voeren.

Uitgevoerde updates

3D FlipBook - Light Edition v1.9.17 to v1.9.18 — Reason: Fixed the bug: “Failed to initialize plugin: 3dfbInsert”.

Accelerated Mobile Pages v0.9.97.53 to v0.9.97.57 — Reason: Need to add description field in VideoObject Schema type. Create an option for H1-H6 Heading Font Sizes for all the designs. Controls under swift design should display when selected design is AMP theme framework. AMP Blurb Module shows code on frontend.

Advanced Cron Manager v2.3.6 to v2.3.8 — Reason: [Fixed] Events table width

Advanced Custom Fields v5.8.0 to v5.8.1 — Reason: Added “Preview Size” and “Return Format” settings to the Gallery field. Improved metabox styling for Gutenberg. Tweak – Changed default “Preview Size” to medium for the Image field. Fixed bug in media modal causing the primary button text to disappear after editing an image. Fixed bug preventing the TinyMCE Advanced plugin from adding < p > tags. Fixed bug where HTML choices were not visible in conditional logic dropdown. Fixed bug causing incorrect order of imported/synced flexible content sub fields.

Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha v5.4 to v5.5 — Reason: Multisite site signup during registration failed due to double verification. Comment reply failed from back-end.

Ajax Load More v5.1.0 to v5.1.1 — Reason: Removed REST API settings from admin/admin.php and ajax-load-more.php. Better error reporting for failed Ajax requests. Updated the scroll trigger from the Load More to the button wrap. Fixed issue where Load More button was not hiding after destory_after value was reached. Fixed issue with meta_value shortcode parameter. Passing zero as a value was returning false and not the number. Fixed IE11 issue where filtering was not working with camelCase data attributes.

Akismet Anti-Spam v4.1.1 to v4.1.2 — Reason: Fixed a conflict between the Akismet setup banner and other plugin notices. Reduced the number of API requests made by the plugin when attempting to verify the API key. Include additional data in the pingback pre-check API request to help make the stats more accurate. Fixed a bug that was enabling the “Check for Spam” button when no comments were eligible to be checked. Improved Akismet’s AMP compatibility.

All-in-One WP Migration v6.96 to v6.97 — Reason: ARIA support. Fixed download button position.

All-in-One WP Migration Multisite Extension v3.74 to v3.75 — Reason: Bugfixes.

AMP v1.1.1 to v1.1.3 — Reason: Bugfixes.

Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall v4.18.69 to v4.18.74 — Reason: Fixed a bug in the Nonce Token Errors that was created by changes in the last release. Added wp_options table to the db_scan. Fixed a few minor bugs in the db scan quarantine view. Changed some wording and other minor fomatting issues. Checked code for compatibility with WP 5.2.1 (latest release).

Anti-Spam by CleanTalk v5.118.4 to v5.120.1 — Reason: Mod: Description for Search form protection. Fix: CSS and JS attachment. Fix: Undefined index error. Fix: bbPress false positives. Fix: SpamFireWall check condition. Fix: SpamFireWall block page. Fix: Catch admin action via search form test. Fix: Catch admin action (AJAX). Mod: Using minified version of JS and CSS. Mod: Date format in statistics.

Classic Editor v1.4 to v1.5 — Reason: Updated for WordPress 5.2 and Gutenberg 5.3+. Enhanced and fixed the “open posts in the last editor used to edit them” logic. Fixed adding post state so it can easily be accessed from other plugins.

Contact Form v5.1.1 to v5.1.3 — Reason: Fixes a bug making it unable to unselect an option in the Mail tab panel. Constant Contact: Introduces the contact list selector. Constant Contact: Introduces the constant_contact additional setting. reCAPTCHA: Introduces the wpcf7_recaptcha_actions and wpcf7_recaptcha_threshold filter hooks.

Contact Form 7 Conditional Fields v1.5.5 to v1.6.1 — Reason: JS refactoring and small compatibility fix after code rewrite. Added “Get PRO” button under Contact > Conditional Fields. PRO: allow groups inside repeater, make plugin ready for PRO release.

Contact Form 7 Redirection v1.3.1 to v1.3.2 — Reason: New feature: delay redirection in milliseconds.

Custom Post Type UI v1.6.1 to v1.6.2 — Reason: Added: “themes” is now a reserved post type slug due to conflicts with WordPress internally. Fixed: Updated wording around “Supports” section of post type settings screen.

Duplicate Page and Post v2.5.1 to v2.5.2 — Reason: Bugfixes.

Easy FancyBox v1.8.16 to v1.8.17 — Reason: Pro compatibility messages. Support forum link. FIX: Trying to get property ‘ID’ of non-object mark WordPress 5.2 compatible.

Flamingo v1.9 to v2.0 — Reason: Displays spam logs in the Inbound Message editor page. Displays reCAPTCHA logs in the Inbound Message editor page.

GDPR Cookie Consent v1.7.6 to v1.7.7 — Reason: Introduced new cookie settings popup option. Added a shortcode [cookie_settings] to control settings. Option to add descriptions for both necessary and non-necessary cookies. Tested ok with WP 5.2. Responsive styling issues for cookie audit table winter theme.

GP Limit Choices v1.6.30 to v1.6.31 — Reason: Added error catching when invalid form is passed via GF filters. Updated gplc_choice_counts filter so that the modified $counts variable is returned by the function. Fixed typo in filter name (gplc not gpls).

Gravity Perks v2.1.7 to v2.1.8 — Reason: Fixed potential warning if the Gravity Perks updater isn’t provided the optimal data format.

HREFLANG Tags Lite v1.7.5 to v1.7.6 — Reason: Bug Fix Changed count($keys) == 0 to empty($keys) to remove notice message. Enhancement Modified language names in dropdowns for better clarity Code improvements.

Jetpack by WordPress.com v7.3.1 to v7.4 — Reason: About Page: remove submenu and add link to page in the footer of Jetpack’s dashboard. Admin Page: remove Themes card on Plans tab, consolidate the look of the different discussion settings, add Security Checklist information. Business Hours Block: improve the display of Business Hours.

Loco Translate v2.2.2 to v2.3.0 — Reason: Added experimental support for multipart uploads. Added relocation tab for moving translation sets. Creation of missing directories when writing new files. Fixed duplicate file addition when iterating over symlink.

MailOptin - Lite v1.2.15 to v1.2.16 — Reason: Added one-off newsletter support. Added ninja forms support for custom html feature. Fixed: conditional display in optin customizer.

ManageWP - Worker v4.7.7 to v4.8.0 — Reason: New: Support for automatic detection of post content changes for Link Monitoring. Fix: Edge case when there are no plugins active, the plugin would cause a fatal error.

Mollie Payments for WooCommerce v5.1.7 to v5.1.8 — Reason: Fix – Re-add “_orderlines_process_items_after_processing_item” hook. Fix – Fix issue where renewal order status was not respecting settings. Fix – Fix PHP Notice: Undefined property: Mollie_WC_Payment_Payment::$id, closes.

NextGEN Gallery v3.2.2 to v3.2.4 — Reason: NEW: Added some methods to the window.galleries object prototype for retrieving display settings. Changed: Removed the now-deprecated ‘publish’ link from the Manage Gallery image actions row. Changed: Updated the uploaded zip extraction process. Fixed: A PHP warning emitted on Gallery > Other Options if the current gallery path cannot be written to.

Page scroll to id v1.6.5 to v1.6.6 — Reason: Fixed dynamic elements would not work automatically. Fixed some links would not get highlighted when using full URLs.

Paytium v3.0.11 to v3.0.12 — Reason: Fix – Add isset() check to fix PHP warning about $paytium_payment[‘subscription_id’]. Fix – Set pt_payment_failed meta box to priority high so it’s more visible when something goes wrong. Fix incorrect tax in views because amount was set to integer instead of float. Zapier: Fix PHP error by setting an array() default for paytium_statuses_webhook. Exports: add description to Exports > Payment source. Fix warning about non-object when updating Paytium.

PDF Embedder v4.0 to v4.2 — Reason: Fixed script problem on some Gutenberg editor installations. Improved compatibility. Added compatibility for WordPress 5.2.1

PixelYourSite v7.0.4 to v7.0.5 — Reason: Fixing a potential problem with Pinterest PageVisit and Checkout events when the Facebook Pixel was deactivated.

Quttera Web Malware Scanner v3.2.1.64 to v3.2.1.70 — Reason: Added new detection rules. Fixed presentation of investigation report.

Redirection v4.3.0 to v4.3.1 — Reason: Fix + character being removed from source URL.

Regenerate Thumbnails v3.1.0 to v3.1.1 — Reason: Minor fix to avoid a divide by zero error when displaying thumbnail filenames. Bring back the ability to delete old, unregistered thumbnail sizes. Support for updating post contents is still disabled.

Relevanssi v4.1.4 to v4.2.0 — Reason: New feature: The search form shortcode has a new parameter dropdown which can be used to add a category dropdown, like this: [searchform dropdown="category"]. New feature: Relevanssi can now use the contents of the PDF files indexed with WP File Download. New filter: relevanssi_indexing_tokens can be used to filter the tokens (individual words) before they are indexed.

Search & Replace v3.2.0 to v3.2.1 — Reason: Update readme for tested up WP versions. Add check for replace function to get more solid replace for custom tables. Fix small typos. Fix Throwable because we set as minimum php 5.6.

SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle v1.15.6 to v1.15.7 — Reason: Widget Block: Ensure changed data is retained after previewing. Image widget: Prevent overflow of image container when wrapped in link. Dispatch event to notify listeners that layout is complete. Fix layout for images wrapped in links. Use image media title for display if title isn’t set in the widget form. Layout Slider: Remove header and text style fields.

Smush v3.2.0 to v3.2.1 — Reason: New: Increase image size limit in free version from 1Mb to 5Mb. New: Image sizes option. New: Integration with WPBakery Page Builder. Enhance: Move Image resize detection to the new Tools section. Add upgrade link to bulk smush limit message. Directory Smush async mode. Regex syntax for detecting images in content. Smush CDN support for 3rd party lazy loading plugins. Smush CDN UI. Smush CLI error handling.

UpdraftPlus - Backup/Restore v2.16.14 to v2.16.15 — Reason: Added the ability to use already existing local backups with UpdraftClone. Prevent PHP fatal error (regression) when WP_Filesystem credentials were needed and wrong ones were supplied. Issue where you could not delete old directories from the restore progress page. Issue where restore would not run over AJAX if wrong credentials were entered when WordPress requested filesystem credentials.

VFB Pro v3.3.9 to v3.4 — Reason: Bugfixes.

WooCommerce v3.6.3 to v3.6.4 — Reason: Tracks: Add check for OBW is-opting-in. Use HTTP protocol for schema.org’s availability. Coupon usage limit checks based on email never ran when orders are created via wp-admin. Duplicate out of stock notices when navigating from cart to checkout and back to cart. Remove sensitive information from refund reason when manually refunding an order, and move it to an order note.

WP Engine Automated Migration v1.84 to v1.8 — Reason: Callback improvements.

WP Fastest Cache v0.8.9.3 to v0.8.9.4 — Reason: to clear cache of parent categories after clearing category cache, to fix PHP Notice: Undefined variable: preg_match_rule in preload.php on line 418, to show cloudflare integration warning if it has not been added, to fix Preload visiting page urls without end slashes problem.

WPBakery Page Builder v6.0.2 to v6.0.3 — Reason: Bugfixes.

WPML CMS Nav v1.5.1 to v1.5.2 — Reason: Full breadcrumbs path not displayed for hierarchical custom post types. Improved performance by clearing cache only when applicable.

Yoast SEO v11.2.1 to v11.3.0 — Reason: Enhancements: When the site is set to represent a person, a logo/avatar to be used in the knowledge graph can now be selected in the Search Appearance settings. Adds the wpseo_should_index_links filter that can be used to disable the link indexation. Enables builtin Taxonomies for the ‘Content type archive to show in breadcrumbs for taxonomies’ section to allow the Blog archive page be added to the breadcrumbs. Props to @ramiy for making translating the plugin easier by merging near identical strings. Bugfixes: Fixes a bug where sitemaps would be shown in the sitemap_index.xml but result in a 404 when requested. Fixes a bug where the schema output would include an invalid publisher when the site was set to represent a person. Fixes a bug where a Person schema object would be output, when the site was set to represent a person, but no specific person was selected. Fixes a bug where it would no longer be possible to change the user in the Search Appearance settings when the previously selected user had been deleted. Removes the help center from the metabox. Removes redundant name attribute from author in Article schema markup piece. Increases the MyYoast API request timeout from 1 to 5 seconds, to give servers with a less optimal connection to our services more room to fetch the data.