November 2020 - Uitgevoerde WordPress updates

Wij hebben weer de nodige werkzaamheden uitgevoerd en alle plugins geüpdatet op jouw WordPress website(s).

Ondanks dat deze noodzakelijke werkzaamheden met de grootste zorg worden uitgevoerd is er een verhoogd risico dat er een conflict op de website ontstaat. Controleer regelmatig jouw website(s) en de daaraan gekoppelde webformulieren op hun werking door een test uit te voeren.

Uitgevoerde updates

Accelerated Mobile Pages v1.0.64.1 to v1.0.66.3 — Reason: Fixed: Content not visible in AMP Takeover. Fixed: Content not visible after 1.0.66 update.

ACF Content Analysis for Yoast SEO v2.6 to v3.0 — Reason: Fixes a bug where the content of ACF fields wouldn’t be included in the SEO and readability analysis when using the Classic Editor plugin. Fixes a bug where changes to the content of ACF fields wouldn’t trigger a live refresh of the SEO and readability analysis.

AddToAny Share Buttons v1.7.41 to v1.7.42 — Reason: Update the “Show sharing buttons” meta box to not display in the WordPress editor when automatic placement is disabled for the current post type.

Advanced Custom Fields PRO v5.9.2 to v5.9.3 — Reason: Fix - Fixed bug causing Revision meta to incorrectly update the parent Post meta. Fix - Fixed bug breaking "Filter by Post Type" and "Filter by Taxonomy" Field settings.

Akismet Anti-Spam v4.1.6 to v4.1.7 — Reason: Show the “Set up your Akismet account” banner on the comments admin screen, where it’s relevant to mention if Akismet hasn’t been configured. Don’t use wp_blacklist_check when the new wp_check_comment_disallowed_list function is available.

Atomic Blocks - Gutenberg Blocks Collection v2.8.6 to v2.9.0 — Reason: Atomic Blocks has moved! Same powerful blocks, same beautiful designs, same innovative team. Atomic Blocks has been renamed to Genesis Blocks. Update now to learn more!

Blog2Social: Social Media Auto Post & Scheduler v6.5.2 to v6.5.4 — Reason: Usability Optimization. Optimization Twitter Image Post.

Booked v2.2.6 to v2.3 — Reason: Bugfixes.

Breadcrumb NavXT v6.5.0 to v6.6.0 — Reason: Behavior change: Moved to using the post type of the parent post for the type archive rather than that of the current item. Bug fix: Fixed error thrown when a site does not have an administrator role.

Coming Soon Page, Under Construction & Maintenance Mode v5.1.3 to v6.0.8.3 — Reason: Tweak – menus require manage_options capability. Reverted – Preview link ad added flush permalink. Added preview_nonce to preview link.

Contact Form 7 v5.2.2 to v5.3 — Reason: Block Editor: Introduces the contact form selector block type. Renames the ‘images’ directory to ‘assets’. New filter hook: wpcf7_form_tag_date_option. Date: Makes all DateTime date formats available for min and max options. Date: Converts the default value to Y-m-d date format string. Disallowed list: Deprecates the wpcf7_submission_is_blacklisted filter hook in favor of wpcf7_submission_has_disallowed_words. Accessibility: Sets the aria-describedby attribute for invalid fields. Default form template: Removes the “(required)” labels from required fields. Adds “(optional)” to optional fields instead. Default mail template: Uses site-related special mail-tags.

Contact Form 7 Extension For Mailchimp v0.5.24 to v0.5.28 — Reason: Bugfixes.

Create User With Password Multisite v1.0.7 to v1.0.8 — Reason: Improved set password function. Added .pot file for translations. Removed duplicate welcome email.

Custom Post Type UI v1.8.0 to v1.8.1 — Reason: Fixed: Issues with WP-CLI importing. Added: Menu icon preview that should have been in 1.8.0, but was missed.

Entry Automation for Gravity Forms v2.0.3 to v2.0.4 — Reason: Bugfixes.

Facebook for WooCommerce v2.0.4 to v2.1.3 — Reason: Fix – Prevent error triggered while trying to refund orders. Tweak – Default variation selection will be synced to Facebook if the default product variation is already synced. Fix – Trigger a pixel Search event for product search requests with a single result (works for logged in users or visitors with an active WooCommerce session). Fix – Prevent a JavaScript error on the Add New Product page when Facebook for WooCommerce is not connected to Facebook.

GDPR Cookie Consent v1.9.1 to v1.9.3 — Reason: Fix: Editors unable to access the dashboard due to recent security update. Improvement: Option to change the title for necessary and non-necessary categories. Improvement: Added support for Official Facebook Pixel, Smash Balloon Instagram Feed & Twitter Feed plugins.

Google Ads for WooCommerce v1.0.4 to v1.0.6 — Reason: Minor bug fixes.

GP Nested Forms v1.0-beta-8.68 to v1.0-beta-8.73 — Reason: Fixed an issue in IE11 where GPNF would scroll to the top after editing an entry. Fixed issue where duplicating a child entry created two duplicates instead of the expected one. Fixed a compatibility issue with Gravity Flow and Date fields. Fixed an integration issue where WooCommerce Gravity Forms Plugin would hide the submit button.

Gravity Forms v2.4.2 to v2.4.21 — Reason: Added security enhancements. Updated background updates to work more seamlessly with WordPress's automatic updates. Fixed an issue with date formats when retrieving notes by date. Fixed an issue where the honeypot field description can be assigned the same id attribute as other forms on the page. Fixed an issue with WordPress 5.5 where the select all checkbox on the export entries page can stop functioning. API: Updated REST API for WordPress 5.5. AF: Fixed a fatal error which occurs when the add-on is not active during background feed processing.

Gravity Forms Entries in Excel v1.8.5 to v1.8.6 — Reason: Bugfix: Resetting the form count could result in an error you would receive per email. Enhancement: You can now sort by subfields like “last name” in a name field. Enhancement: Hover state for sorting items. Enhancement: Added form id to gfexcel_renderer_cell_properties hook.

Gravity Forms Polls Add-On v3.6 to v3.7 — Reason: Bugfixes.

HubSpot All-In-One Marketing - Forms, Popups, Live Chat v7.45.6 to v7.47.0 — Reason: Bugfixes.

Loco Translate v2.4.3 to v2.4.4 — Reason: Added PO file upload feature. Added download button to file info page. Fix for extracting plurals also used as singulars. Updating API keys no longer require editor page reload. Catching fatal startup errors in loco.php. Supporting max_php_size=0 to mean no size restriction. Auto-update detection now checks new site options. Bumped WordPress version to 5.5.1.

Mollie Payments for WooCommerce v5.9.0 to v5.10.0 — Reason: Feature – New Voucher gateway. Feature – Custom expiry date for Bank transfer payments. Feature – Notice informing that test mode is enabled. Fix – Error when refunding unshipped Klarna order. Fix – Selecting item variations when ApplePay is enabled. Fix – Remove autoload function from global namespace. Fix – Transactions are included in shipping process. Fix – Undefined index for ApplePay token. Fix – Remove file_get_content().

Multiple Columns for Gravity Forms v3.1.4 to v3.1.5 — Reason: If upgrading from a previous version of this plugin it may be necessary to activate the CSS for each form that uses the multiple column functionality. This is done by going to the form -> Form Settings -> Check the box beside Load CSS Stylesheet -> Click Update Form Settings. Fix: Update button in administrator fixed when Gravity Forms -> Settings in On state (GFMC-43).

NextGEN Gallery v3.3.17 to v3.3.2 — Reason: NEW: PHP 5.6 is the minimum supported PHP version. NEW: WordPress 5.2 is the minimum support PHP version. Fixed: Block disappearing in Block Editor. Fixed: Gutenberg block and featured image features were broken on hosting.

Ninja Forms v3.0.26 to v3.0.28 — Reason: Resolved an issue that was preventing file uploads from being saved properly upon submission. Conditions should no longer lose reference to fields that have been renamed in the form builder. Resolved an issue that was causing conditions on actions to be ignored.

PixelYourSite v7.1.14 to v7.2.0 — Reason: NEW: Facebook Conversion API works for all the pixel events. Ajax option for the Facebook Pixel when Conversion API is enabled. This helps to avoid problems with caches. You can learn more about these problems from this video. ViewContent, AddToCart, InitiateCheckout events related to WooCommerce have value turned ON by default. The reasons are explained in this video. Samll change to the contents parameter for some Facebook Pixel events that had the potential to trigger a warning related to currency or value.

Poptin v1.1.9 to v1.2 — Reason: Notification for WP-Rocket and other cache plugins.

Popup Maker v1.12.0 to v1.13.0 — Reason: Feature: Conversion tracking Issue. Bypass adblockers for tracking opens and conversions. Periodical suggestions to improve plugin usage. Reduce clutter in All Popups table. Switch tab navigation to NAV elements instead of H2. Set up PHPUnit for integration and unit tests. Continuously deploy readme and screenshot changes. AJAX for Gravity Forms not setting cookies. Disabling asset cache causes form integrations not to load their assets. Form submission cookies are not being set for some form integrations. Some form integrations are calling both AJAX and PHP submission handlers.

Quttera Web Malware Scanner v3.3.4.14 to v3.3.4.21 — Reason: Added new detection rules. Added capability for high sensitive and normal scans.

Redirection v4.9.1 to v4.9.2 — Reason: Fix warning with PHP 5.6. Improve display of long URLs. Restore missing time and referrer URL from log pages. Restore missing client information from debug reports. Fix order by count when grouping by URL. Check for duplicate columns in DB upgrade.

Regenerate Thumbnails v3.1.3 to v3.1.4 — Reason: Fix: Don’t attempt to regenerate SVG’s. Bump tested version. Update dependencies.

Schema - All In One Schema Rich Snippets v1.6.3 to v1.6.4 — Reason: Improvement – Hardened the security of the plugin. Fixed – Reset functionality was not working in the backend settings. Fixed – Console warning jquery-fn-load-is-deprecated.

Search Console v2.0.7 to v2.2.2 — Reason: Better mobile support. Better integration of auth flow. More lightweight, more speed.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer v4.20.2 to v2.21.1 — Reason: Fix: the spinning robot head on wp-admin pages was never stopping, sorry for that. New: Plugin update notification system for future major versions. Tweak: the plugin will not log manually when not logged in as administrator. Fix: the plugin was incorrectly assuming the scheme for offloaded media files/backups. Fix: in some situations the WebP file links weren’t correct on some specific multisite installs. Fix: WebP to Picture function also removes invalid lazy load tag (WordPress 5.5+). Fix: there were a few dead links on settings page.

SiteOrigin CSS v1.2.10 to v1.2.11 — Reason: Fixed Background image setting writing to CSS. Increased the specificity of the Save CSS button styling to prevent plugin conflicts.

Slide Anything - Responsive Content / HTML Slider and Carous v2.3.23 to v2.3.27 — Reason: Initial release of this plugin. Added a slider preview feature to the slider edit page – pressing the ‘Preview’ button displays the slider within a popup window.

Smash Balloon Custom Facebook Feed v2.16.1 to v2.17.1 — Reason: Tweak: Added shortcode options for the “Before Date” and “After Date” settings, so that a custom text string can be displayed before and after the post date. Tweak: Minor frontend CSS improvements. Tweak: Added support for improved notices on the plugin settings page. Fix: Fixed an issue with the Facebook Like Box widget displaying an error if the width was set to a fractional pixel.

Smash Balloon Instagram Feed v2.4.7 to v2.5.4 — Reason: Fix: Added more debugging info to the System Info for oEmbeds. Fix: Added a workaround for a rare issue where oEmbed access tokens wouldn’t save. Fix: Carousel posts would not show images when using the “Disable JS Image Loading” setting and image resizing was disabled.

Under Construction v3.82 to v3.83 — Reason: removed automatic PRO license activation. Minor fixes. Added promo for WP 301 Redirects.

UpdraftPlus - Backup/Restore v2.16.29.24 to v2.16.34.24 — Reason: TWEAK: On sites with enormous numbers of tables (e.g. very large multisites), counting the already-backed-up tables when resuming took unnecessarily long since 1.16.30. Update jQuery document ready style to the one not deprecated in jQuery 3.0. While using the file tree browser return an error if we are unable to open a directory.

User Role Editor Pro v4.57 to v4.57.1 — Reason: Bugfixes.

WooCommerce v4.5.2 to v4.6.1 — Reason: Fix for missing activity panels. Adds array casting on onboarding profile option. Gutenberg compatibility fix for home screen inbox. Gutenberg compat fix for empty reports (leaderboard, customers report). i18n fix for Performance Indicators labels Home Screen.

WP All Import Pro v4.6.4 to v4.6.5 — Reason: Bugfixes.

WP HTML Mail - Email Template Designer v3.0.3 to v3.0.4 — Reason: added an option to disable overriding the sender by default (can still be enabled for individual plugins).

WP Mail SMTP v2.4.0 to v2.5.1 — Reason: The automatic updates issue with Gmail mailer token refresh. The ‘wp-amil-smtp’ typo in a plugin text-domain and a HTML class.

Wp Posts Carousel v1.3.6 to v1.3.7 — Reason: fixed problems with newest version of PHP and WordPress (thanks to John Holt and Steckinsights).

WPForms Lite v1.6.2.3 to v1.6.3.1 — Reason: Added: Native integration with Divi. Email field Allowlist/Denylist restrictions, see Email field Advanced Options. Form builder Help – contextual help, search docs, and more. Logging, which can be enabled for troubleshooting from WPForms > Tools > Logs. Changed: Nicely notify users in the Form Builder when their WordPress session has expired, and they can’t save the form anymore without a page reload. Better AJAX form submit field error messages handling. Fixed: Custom metabox heading styling due to WordPress core changes. Page title smart tag not working in some use cases when using AJAX form submissions. Various admin area display issues when the field label is empty. Logo Translate plugin integration issues. Elementor widget edge case issues. Form settings could be visible before the form was created.Form builder styling inconsistencies with Dropdown field styles. Input mask issues with some mobile browsers, notably Chrome.Always display the WPForms admin area in the user’s language regardless of the site language. Do not load certain JS variables twice on the front end. Form title display issue inside the form builder with smaller view ports. Elementor widget display issue on frontend when no form has been created.

Yoast Duplicate Post v3.2.5 to v3.2.6 — Reason: Compatibility with WordPress 5.5. Fixed bug about copying comments in WordPress 5.5. Check user permission when adding option to the bulk actions dropdown list. Improved update notice to be displayed only on selected screens when updating from < 3.2.5. Updated template tag documentation link. Added missing gettext to “Subscribe” button.